Financing Your Triumph

Whether it's HP or PCP - Bulldog Triumph have a great deal for you!

HP & PCP are different finance options. HP stands for Hire Purchase whilst PCP stands for Personal Contract Purchase. Find out more about these finance options below.

Hire Purchase or HP

This option is still one of the leading ways consumers look to finance their bike. With HP there is the option to with us to put down a low deposit if this suits your requirements. The remaining balance is then financed over a set period of time and you pay equal amounts each month for the duration of that agreed term. At the end of which you own the motorcycle.

PCP - Personal Contract Purchase

This is most commonly referred to, is one of the quickest growing solutions for people to finance their motorbike. It appeals because the monthly payments can be lower than a comparable Hire Purchase plan and it gives you the opportunity, should you choose, to change your bike every 2 to 3 years.

PCP agreements work by calculating your mileage per year and agreeing on a term for which you wish to finance the motorbike. The motorbike will then be given a Guaranteed Future Minimum Value for what it will be worth at the end of the agreement. This figure plus your deposit amount is deducted from the motorcycle's current price, and you pay finance on the balance of the vehicle.

At the end of this agreement you have flexibility with how you would like to proceed:

  • Pay the remaining Guaranteed Future Value (sometimes called a balloon payment) and the motorbike is yours
  • Give the keys back and end the finance agreement
  • Roll the policy onto a new motorbike and re-finance


Finance Videos - Explained